The Foundation’s Programmes and Projects are the practical articulation for people’s empowerment through capacity building for implementation of its objectives in the short and long-term. Like the objectives, they are people –centred. Specifically, programmes and projects will address people’s issues under the areas of:

  • Justice for All
  • African Unity

In relation to these issues there are subsidiary concerns regarding rule of law, constitutions, legislatures, governance, elections, human rights, institutional reforms and capacity building for better and more efficient services to the people and the role of civil society. Issues of African Unity, both traditional and modern will form an important part and project portfolio, with special focus on the OUA and other regional economic integration initiatives. Programmes addressing poverty eradication in the rural and urban areas link poverty as the enemy of peace and stability. It is a menace for all African people and nations, and therefore must be abolished.
The focus in this area is to develop a capacity for the people and their civil institutions to address and find solutions to their conditions and problems of poverty, with emphasis on solution relating to provision of gainful employment and income generation through economic growth.
Questions of leadership will include trace records, qualifications, morality and values, and those of citizenship focusing on concepts of civil society, citizens responsibility and accountability as part of the project.