The paramount objective of the Foundation is to promote Peace, Unity and People Centred Self Reliant Development throughout the world but particularly in Africa.

In furtherance of this chief objective the Foundation shall also;

Promote and facilitate by all or any practical means dialogue among the people and Governments of Africa on ideas and action oriented proposals on peace, unity and people centred development and strategies and action plans for the achievement of these aims.

Promote and facilitate the learning and sharing of experiences among governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals on issues of peace, unity and people centred self reliant development.

Promote and participate in action oriented programmes and projects that further the objectives of the Foundation

Collect, analyze and disseminate information relevant to the pursuit of peace unity and people centred self reliant development in the area of benefit and  organize relevant programmes on analysis research and consultation, and store and publish all or any of the resultant materials through all  appropriate

Engage in appropriate revenue – generation and fund raising activities in support of the Foundation’s work and activities.

To promote the study of the principles adopted and practiced by Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, throughout his life, and to that end collect and catalogue documents, letters, speeches, interviews, reports and other information concerning him and whenever possible allow access and use them by interested institutions and individual persons, and  or organize their publication or exhibition in whole or in part.