Chairperson of the Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation
The MNF Board of Trustees consists of eleven members, plus the Chairperson, all highly distinguished individuals, acting in their personal capacity . The Chairperson and the Board, who work pro bono, manage and direct the Foundation.The Chairperson is elected for a three-year term by the Board Meeting from among nominated candidates known for their independence of mind, meritorious experience, intellectual ability and leadership qualities. Below is a list of the Chairpersons to-date:

  • Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim                       2002 to date
  • Mr. Al Noor Kassum                           1999 to 2002  
  • Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere                 1996 to 1999

Board Members
Board members are appointed by the Council for three-year terms. The Chairperson and the Board direct and supervise the operation of the foundation and its Secretariat, approve its activities and work programme. They are responsible for overall financial management and fund-raising, and approve the budget and yearly audited accounts. The Board has normally met twice a year. Its Chairman and members, as well as the Convenor of the Council of Representatives, are in permanent contact, with the Secretariat serving as a nodal point.
The current Board consists of:

  1. Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim                     Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  2. Mr. Joseph W. Butiku                        Trustee/Executive Director
  3. Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba              Trustee
  4. Dr. Maria Josephine Kamm                 Trustee
  5. Hon. Gertrude Mongella (MP)              Trustee
  6. Hon. Kate Kamba (MEALA)                Trustee
  7. Brig. Gen. Hashim Mbita                     Trustee
  8. 8. Hon. Nimrod E. Mkono (MP)           Trustee
  9. 9. Hon. Tarsis B. Kabwegyere             Trustee