The Board of Trustees of the Foundation shall be composed of a minimum of five members and not more than fifteen  members. The members of the Board of Trustees are highly distinguished individuals, acting in their person capacities. The first Trustees were appointed by Mwalimu Nyerere during his life time. Under the Trust Deed the Board shall fill any vacancies. Currently the Board is composed of eight members.

Below is a list of the Chairpersons to-date:

  • Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim                       2002 to date
  • Mr. Al Noor Kassum                           1999 to 2002
  • Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere                 1996 to 1999


Board Members

The Chairperson and the Board direct and supervise the operation of the foundation and its Secretariat, approve its activities and work programme. They are responsible for overall financial management and fund-raising, and approve the budget and yearly audited accounts. The Board has normally met twice a year.

The current Board consists of:

  • Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim                       Chairman of the Board of Trustee
  • Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba                Trustee
  • Dr. Maria Josephine Kamm                  Trustee
  • Hon. Gertrude Mongella                        Trustee
  • Hon. Kate Kamba                                    Trustee
  • Hon. Nimrod E. Mkono (MP)               Trustee
  • Hon. Tarsis B. Kabwegyere                   Trustee
  • Mr. Joseph W. Butiku                             Trustee/Executive Director

Previous members of the Board were;

  • Dr.Nicholas Georgulas
  • Mr. Al Noor Kassum
  • The Late Brig Hashim Mbita
  • The Late Prof. Haroub Othman